Identification of 100 fundamental ecological questions

In the next Journal of Ecology podcast I interview William Sutherland about his paper on identifying 100 fundamental ecological questions.  Check out the paper in the journal here.  This interview took place on 3 December, 2012.

As always let us know what you think in the comments section below or on Twitter @JEcology or @recology_

3 responses to “Identification of 100 fundamental ecological questions

  1. When does the article come out? I couldn’t find it on the journal’s page.

  2. Scott Chamberlain

    Hello, Sorry about that. I think the paper is not quite out yet, I thought it was. I will correct the post. I will post again when the paper is available.

  3. Just to be contrarian: perhaps we shouldn’t worry about what the most fundamental question (or 100 questions) in ecology is:


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